1990 Honda CRX

Not everything on this site will be classic American metal! Here we have the 1990 Honda CRX in excellent shape, a rarity with a vehicle once considered mundane and common. A combination of a light weight chassis, slick shifting manual transmission and a high revving motor made the CRX a popular model among tuning enthusiasts.


Some more information about the early 1990’s CRX via Wikipedia:

The chassis was significantly changed in 1988, from its original torsion bar front and semi-independent rear, to fully independent wishbones in front with a double wishbone semi trailing arm rear, in line with its sister Civic/Ballade models. Outside of North America, this second generation CRX was available with a 1493 cc SOHC or an updated version of the 1590 cc DOHC ZC engine. Many of these were fitted with fuel injection as standard.
In September 1989, Honda also added the 1595 cc B16A VTEC engine to the lineup outside of America. The VTEC engine used variable valve timing to provide increased power in the high rev range, while still allowing low fuel consumption and better idling at low RPMs.
Second-generation CRX buyers in the USA could choose between three different trim levels: The standard (unlabeled, sometimes called the “DX”) with the 16-valve 1493 cc “D15B2” engine and dual-point fuel injection (DPFI), the HF (“high fuel efficiency”) model with the eight-valve 1493 cc “D15B6” engine and multi-point fuel injection (MPFI), or the Si (sport injected) model with the 16-valve 1590 cc “D16A6” engine and MPFI. “DX” models were available with an automatic transmission, all others had five-speed manuals.

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