1963 Dodge Dart Wagon

This wonderful wagon was spotted in Los Angeles.  Classic vintage metal with a long-roof is always welcome at LA Car Spotting.

Information about the dart wagon via Wikipedia:

For 1963, Dodge made a last-minute decision to drop the Lancer name in favor of Dart for Dodge’s newly designed “senior compact”, a marketing term referring to the wheelbase having grown to 111 in. from the Lancer’s 106.5 in. This longer wheelbase used the same A-body suspension of the Valiant and defunct Lancer, and would underpin all Darts from 1963 to 1976 except the 1963–1966 station wagons which used the Valiant’s (106 in. wheelbase) and the 1971–1976 Demon/Sport which used the Plymouth Duster’s 108 in. wheelbase. The longer wheelbase gave more rear seat legroom than the previous Lancer or the contemporaneous Valiant. The Dart was available as a 2- or 4-door sedan, a 2-door hardtop coupe, a station wagon, and a convertible. Three trim levels were offered: the low-spec 170, the high-spec 270, and the premium GT, which was available only as a 2-door hardtop or convertible. The 1963 Dart has a turning radius of 38.9 ft.

3 thoughts on “1963 Dodge Dart Wagon

  1. Hey that’s my car in east Hollywood/Silverlake!
    It’s actually a 1964 170 wagon (slant 6) on which I installed a 1963 front grille because I really wanted a 1963 wagon (the best looking Dart) but I never found a 1963 good enough to restore (being one of the most inexpensive wagons of the time they were all beat to heck by 1995 when I found this one). This one came from a very nice elderly neighbor Helen who was the original owner and I restored it in 1995.
    The two-tone paint idea came from a Chrysler Corp. photo I saw of a 1963 Dart wagon with a factory 2-tone paint job. That was the only time I’ve ever seen a photo of a 2-tone Dart wagon so I decided to do mine that way. A white roof is great for hot LA summers. Thanks for posting it.


    1. Great story Ivan – I really like your Dart wagon. It can be difficult for me to know exactly what year a vintage vehicle is, since they are sometimes modified. Good choice on the two tone paint job! Take care


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