1962 Lincoln Continental Sedan

Look at this classic piece of luxury.  So classy and luxurious that this was part of the presidents motorcade in 1963 – the one remembered in history by the assassination of JFK.  Is it a coincidence that JFK was assassinated in a Lincoln vehicle and that our Penny Man himself, Abraham Lincoln was also assassinated. Lincoln/Lincoln – maybe just a coincidence. Anyway, back to the car!

Some info about the Continental:

The Lincoln Continental is a series of luxury cars produced by Lincoln, a division of the American automaker Ford Motor Company. First introduced in 1939 as a coachbuilt convertible, which would spawn the personal luxury car segment, the nameplate has been in use by Lincoln at various times for 51 years. In the Lincoln model line, the Continental has served various roles, ranging from the top-trim sedan to the base-trim sedan. Through its production, the Lincoln Continental has been produced in several bodystyles, including two-door and four-door convertibles, two-door and four-door hardtops and sedans, and two-door coupes. The Lincoln Continental is the final American car factory-produced as a four-door convertible or with a V12 engine.
For the 1961 model year, the Lincoln Division was extensively redesigned. Following the $60 million in losses to develop the 1958–1960 Lincolns and Continentals, the Lincoln Division product line (of the Capri, Premiere, and Continental Mark Series) was replaced by a single four-door Lincoln Continental. Making its appearance for the first time since 1948, it was available as a sedan and convertible.

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