1987 BMW 635 CSi (E24)

We’re sticking with the German theme from the spotting 2 days ago with this 1987 BMW 635 CSi Coupe.  The 6 series coupe is still around today and seems to share a lot of the same characteristics as it’s earlier brethren: large engine, big body coupe with luxury and style to boot! This one is in great condition and has those fantastic gold basket weave OEM rims. Enjoy.


Another BMW we spotted recently:  1972 BMW Bavaria (E3)

Some info about the late 80’s BMW 6 series:

The BMW E24 is the first generation of BMW 6 Series grand tourer coupes and was produced from 1976 to 1988. It replaced the E9 coupes and was replaced, after a 16-year hiatus, in 2004 by the E63 6 Series. Aside from the M635csi/M6 models, the E24 was powered by a range of M30 straight-6 engines.
The E24 M635csi (called the M6 in the United States and Japan) is considered the start of the M6 model line. In most markets, the M635csi is powered by the M88 straight-6. In the United States and Japan, the M6 is powered by the less powerful S38straight-6 engine.

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