1969 Ford F-250 Ranger

Another classic Ford Ranger seen in Highland Park – Los Angeles.  This Ranger is sporting a two-tone paint job that has been relentlessly beaten by the Southern California sun.  No man or woman shall ride off into the sunset without a Ranger by their side.

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7 thoughts on “1969 Ford F-250 Ranger

  1. Good Morning,
    As I found myself looking up ‘69 Ford F-250’s online, I found my own ‘69 Ford pic/ article. I grew up/ still reside in Highland Park & have owned this pick up for 10yrs. It’s is a true Cali truck for came out of the assembly plant in San Jose California, back in 1969. I have known of the truck since my mid early teens ( my uncle owned it). When I was in my mid twenties I was able to purchase off from him & have been the owner since then. Growing up a vintage car addict my whole life, it brings me great excitement to see “Cha-Cha” ( my younger brother named her for an exhaust manifold leak) still attracts the eye.

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  2. Miguel that is awesome you stumbled across this post! That is an awesome story about your truck and glad it’s stayed in the family for so long (also cool to hear it’s a true Cali truck). Thanks for commenting, it’s always great to hear from owners. Take care.


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