1984 Dodge Ram D150 Prospector – Short Bed

Today we have a 1984 Dodge Ram D150 Prospector.  This Dodge Ram sports a fantastic, faded yellow paint job and the original prospector badges on the rear quarters.  What exactly was Dodge trying to say by giving the Dodge Ram a “Prospector” trim level?  A search for the definition of the word “Prospector” yields the following results:

  1. An apparent probability of advancement, success, profit, etc.
  2. The outlook for the future
  3. Or as in Mining:
    1. an apparent indication of ore or native metal.
    2. place giving such indications.
    3. mine working or excavation undertaken in a search for additional ore.

Considering the emblem is accompanied by a pickaxe and shovel, I vote the mining definition holds the best description. You decide…

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