1969 Ford F-250 Ranger

Another classic Ford Ranger seen in Highland Park – Los Angeles.  This Ranger is sporting a two-tone paint job that has been relentlessly beaten by the Southern California sun.  No man or woman shall ride off into the sunset without a Ranger by their side.

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1969 Ford F-250 Ranger | Camper Special

1969 Ford F-250 Ranger (4)1969 Ford F-250 Ranger (5)1969 Ford F-250 Ranger (6)1969 Ford F-250 Ranger (7)


1970 Ford Galaxie Station Wagon

A blast from the past – a Ford Galaxie Station wagon from 1970.  Imagine the nuclear family loading up this beast for a trip to the shore or into the mountains to camp.  Yuum, smell the s’mores!

1970 Ford Galaxie 500 wagon (1)1970 Ford Galaxie 500 wagon (2)1970 Ford Galaxie 500 wagon (3)

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1962 Ford Thunderbird

Check out this piece of classic American automotive styling.  The front grille, the taillights and tail “fins” on the side are just amazing.

Info about the Thunderbird:

The third generation of the Ford Thunderbird is a large personal luxury car that was produced by Ford for the 1961 to 1963 model years. It featured new and much sleeker styling than the second generation models. Sales were strong, if not quite up to record-breaking 1960, at 73,051 including 10,516 convertibles. A new, larger 390 cu in (6.4 L) FE-series V8 was the only engine available (in 1961). The Thunderbird was 1961’s Indianapolis 500 pace car, and featured prominently in US President John F. Kennedy’s inaugural parade, probably aided by the appointment of Ford executive Robert McNamara as Secretary of Defense. Its appearance was shared with the European Ford Corsair.

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1963 Ford Ranchero

Hi there and welcome back from a short hiatus in Los Angeles Car Spotting. Here we have the white knight, or what I am calling the white knight for today’s post anyway; a 1963 Ford Ranchero drapped in white.  We featured other Ranchero’s on our site that you can link to beneath the photos.

Ranchero 1

Ranchero 2