1965 International Harvester D-Series Pickup Truck

Here is one that you don’t see everyday – A International D-Series pickup from what I’m guessing is 1965.  I tend to see the International Scouts much more often, but this is a first for me. The contrast between the paint job and the paint on the wheels is startling. Enjoy some pics of this now defunct light American truck company (they make big trucks now).

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1974 Dodge D100 Pickup Truck

We’ve spotted this wonderful Dodge D100 work truck (or if you are just looking at the front emblem, a “DGE” truck) parked on the street in Frogtown the other day.  This one is sporting a blueish paint job with a worn down bed top on the back end.   By the way, the name Frogtown is an amazing choice for a town name.  Cheers

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Early 70’s Dodge D-Series Pickup


Early 70’s Dodge D-Series Pickup

There is something about old pickup trucks; they just have so much character.

Some information about the early 1970’s Dodge Pickups via Wikipedia:

A redesign of the D Series for 1972 that lasted until 1980 introduced a more rounded look. This redesign for the third generation, that spanned until 1993 with minor changes, included new features such as an independent front suspension and pocketed taillights (the distinctive reverse on top lights were recessed to .25 in (6.4 mm) to avoid damage in loading docks and confined spaces). Styling cues, such as the scalloped hood and rounded fender wells, were similar to the rounded, smooth look of the 1971 Plymouth Satellite. These trucks were built with a considerable amount of galvanized steel to resist rust and corrosion making them very durable. Because of this, today these trucks make great restoration projects.