1989 Ford LTD Crown Victoria LX

Check out this big 4 door Crown Victoria. Gloriously square and proud of it, this Ford LTD is the epitome of police forces nationwide in the grand ol’ USA during the early 1990’s.  Put some bumper bars and some black/white paint on this barge and you’d fool anyone still mentally stuck in the 80’s/90’s.

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1987 Ford Country Squire station wagon


1987 Ford Country Squire station wagon

Yeeehawww! Something about the name ‘Country Squire’ just makes me want to jump straight into a Western movie with my six shooter and wrangling some livestock.  Maybe that’s the feeling Ford was trying to evoke with the name and format of the mid 1980’s Ford Country Squire.  Whatever their purpose with the naming mechanism was, they pulled it off with a long roof and faux wood paneling flanking the sides of the ‘Country Squire’.  Long live the station wagons.

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Don’t forget to read up on the seventh generation Country Squire wagon by Ford via our favorite free online encyclopedia, Wikipedia:

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End of Month Hodgepodge – May

It’s that time of the month again… the 31st – or in some months the 30th or 28th (damn you February). Here is a compilation of vehicles that didn’t make the cut for a full post – yet they still deserve a presence on the interwebs. Enjoy