1983 Mercedes-Benz 300TD Wagon (W123)

Wagons – revered by many in the enthusiast community and loathed by some.  The long roof station wagon from is a personal favorite of mine and thus earns a spot in any LA Car Spotting post.  Here we have a beautifully blue early 80’s Mercedes 300TD (Turbo Diesel) Wagon with the W123 Chassis Code.

Some information via Wiki on the Mercedes 300TD

The first Mercedes turbo diesel production W123 appeared in September, 1979. This was the 300 TD Turbodiesel, available with automatic transmission only. In most markets, the turbocharged 5-cylinder 3-litre diesel engine (Type OM617) was offered only in the T body style, while in North America it was also available in saloon and coupé guises.
In September 1982, all models received a mild facelift. The rectangular headlights, previously fitted only to the 280/280E, were standardized across the board, as was power steering. Since February 1982, an optional five-speed manual transmission was available in all models (except the automatic-only 300 turbodiesel).

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