Memorial Day | Photo Barrage

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!! Dust off the grille and polish up your cooking skills because the sun is out and so are the good times.  Today we have a special treat and a guest photographer to help celebrate Memorial Day with us. Ritchie Hann, a good friend of LACS, has a selection of photos from a recent Cars & Coffee trip.

So go out there and have a great Holiday weekend with friends and family – go to a car show if you have the chance. In the meantime, enjoy a few beautiful classic and modern cars courtesy of Ritchie and LACS. Cheers!  ♦ ♦♦♦ ♦


Happy Independence Day – 1989 Ford Mustang GT

Happy day of independence for all you Americans out there. And for you Brits, it’s happy traitors day 🙂  To celebrate the independence of our nation, here is some good ol’ fashioned American 5.0 liter mullet rocking Foxbody glory.  This one is in fantastic shape and I applaud the owner for keeping care of it. Enjoy the holiday!