1976 Chevrolet Corvette (C3)

Take a look at this flat black 1976 Corvette C3 that I spotted.  This vette looks to still have the original rims installed and is sporting a custom chrome side exhaust, that really pops against the subdued flat black paint. Enjoy.

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1974 Toyota Corolla 1600 Deluxe (E30)

Look at this beautifully kept vintage Toyota Corolla.  For the most part, this vehicle looks to be in factory condition, which is rare to find on these older Toyota’s.

12 - 1974 Toyota Corolla 1600 deluxe (2)12 - 1974 Toyota Corolla 1600 deluxe (3)12 - 1974 Toyota Corolla 1600 deluxe (4)12 - 1974 Toyota Corolla 1600 deluxe (1)

And of course some information via the Interwebs:

The Corolla E30 was the third generation of cars sold by Toyota under the Corolla nameplate. It was built from August 1974 to July 1981[1] and marked Toyota’s greatest growth in the United States in the wake of the fuel crisis. In addition to its sister model, the Sprinter, there was a redesigned-body version built by Toyota affiliate Daihatsu, called the Daihatsu Charmant. While there were certain fourth-generation models with a longer model life, this generation, when considered as a whole, was the longest-lived one, possibly due to the worldwide recession in the 1970s. A large range of cars were built using this chassis, including Corollas, Sprinters, Daihatsu, and the sporty Levin and Trueno models with the DOHC motor, with a fuel injection upgrade added to Japanese Levin models in January 1977.

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